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Старый 11.05.2018, 12:37   #1
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По умолчанию Feels insulting to non PVP player


Why such a huge reward to players who pvp, why are they not getting this type of reward now on live servers if you feel they deserve this type of bonus for doing something they enjoy ? World pvp is something people do because they enjoy it so why 15% XP and 10% WQ bonus Rewards for something that has been a part of the game before but now an incentive to switch it on ? I know there will be an argument that they now have to compete against players and it makes it harder, but they always had to do this nothing changed and people who pvp like to do so, Its like saying someone who puts weights on their ankles to get a better work out should have priority over someone who doesn't. Makes no sense.I may be more emotional and this post may seem silly but at this moment right now just seeing this war mode has made me as non pvp player feel sorta like a Filthy Casual player even more.

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